Pray For Your Husband

It's officially the month of LOVE.  You know, the one where people rush out, buy a box of chocolates that never get completely eaten, purchase over-priced roses that quickly die, eat at fancy restaurants that are crowded with other people that had the same idea.
Yes... Valentine's Day is just another over-commercialized holiday by society.

Sure.  Our family participates in the excitement of the festivities, but in a different way.

As I have been thinking about the upcoming celebration I have began to prepare my heart 
to do something for my husband rather than to buy him something.  

If you are new to the blog, there's one thing you must know.  I love my husband.  
A lot.  More than anyone else I know loves their husband.  He's perfect for me.  He's perfect for our family. 

Among other things, Rob is talented... oh so talented.  He can fix anything.  He is self-less, he is resourceful, he is creative, he is patient, he plays with our kids, he is he is compassionate towards others.  But when I love Rob the most is when I know that he has prayed for me!  

The past few weeks have been stressful for our family.  I have found comfort knowing that Rob has been praying for me, but more importantly has has shared exactly what his prayers were.   He pin-pointed his prayers and prayed specifically for obstacles that we are facing.  

I've had my share of unhealthy relationships.  Ones where I was in a downward spiral to destruction the entire time but I felt trapped and couldn't escape.  I'm not angry for those experiences - they made me stronger... and make me appreciate Rob so much more.

Prior to our marriage, I read Gary Chapman's book - The 5 Love Languages.  It changed every relationship that I've had since.  Once you know HOW people express their love and like it to expressed back - it changes everything.  Rob likes words of affirmation, where as I like acts of service.  

I did a little research {Inspired by www.RaisingGodlyChildren.org} and created a little two-week study of how to build my husband up!  I want to encourage you to take just a few minutes out of your day over the next two weeks and pray for your husband as well. 

** Look for the green download box **

For each day you will find a prayer, scripture, words of affirmation and action of love.

I pray that some of these passages uplift your family as you prepare for Valentine's Day!

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