LWC Super Soul Sunday

Kensley didn't have any game gear to wear to our church's first annual Super Soul Sunday,
so I made her a "poufy football bow" just as she requested. 
I also made her a shirt - so easy - nothing like her Christmas shirt.
My dear friend Devon passed down her son's clothes to Nolan and look what was inside
the bag of goodies... a mini referee shirt... perfect for our special event.

Rob started playing the bass guitar August 1, 2012. 
After just 3 lessons by his friend Mark, Rob joined the Praise and Worship team!

** Stay tuned for my first ever guest post - Rob sharing his guitar testimony **

There were also prizes for this awesome 'pack a pew' event.

Kensley won the prize for the children for inviting the most guests.
Thanks for coming Nana and Penpa.

Mark brought Kensley her prize... an Innotab 2. Whoo hoo! So why the tears?
I told her she couldn't open it since she already has a Leap Pad and an iPad and that we would exchange it for another toy the kids didn't already have. I know. I'm SO mean!

Clearly. She. Did. Not. Understand.

{A friend posted this on Facebook.  }
During our worship service, Kensley is stood in the gap as people huddled around
and  prayed for the 5 year old boy being held hostage in Alabama.

Our experience has been that littles with Aspergers have an incredible memories.
My personal prayer is that God will erase his memory of this time trapped in the bunker.
That he will be reunited with his family with no memories.  No flash backs.  No racing thoughts.

Pastor Chris threw mini-footballs out into the congregation to help get everyone 'fired up'.

After service, we headed over to a rented facility for an indoor tailgate party.
Isn't the cake simply amazing!?!

Thank you Pinterest for your football ideas - the peanutbutter chocolate chip dip was so scrumptious and easy to make!
We felt led to leave our former church and be in a place where we could be led freely by the Holy Spirit and follow Jesus... not a particular Pastor. 
9 weeks ago we met at this same facility with a vision... and 31 people. 

Today, we had 114 present at the tailgate.

God is moving in a big way... can I get an Amen?
Despite the freezing temperatures and snow, Tyler and Rob were the
grill masters and made hamburgers/cheese burgers for everyone.

We are already looking forward to Super Soul Sunday 2014!

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macebabe said...

love tyler's Herd jersey he borrowed from dad! - and i also love Kensley's new Ripley Viking football shirt!