Happy Heart Day 2013

We have been celebrating Valentine's Day for the past 51 days.  No lie.  Since the day after Christmas.
Today wasn't much different than the past 7 weeks, but I still tried to make it special for the kids!
Nolan enjoyed mini heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.
 Next, the kids enjoyed a special bath... purple water and all!
I added regular food coloring, bubbles and glitter.  Yes.  Tinsel glitter. 
The kids are at the PERFECT age to enjoy my crazy antics.
{Bubble Beard}
 Foam hearts easily stick to bathtub walls when wet - easiest project ever.
And for those of you who lost your breath when I said regular food coloring earlier,  
I drained the water out and look, it doesn't stain or dye your bathtub... see!?!
When the  kids woke up, they discovered that I had heart attacked their doors, sharing little things that I love about them.
 Yes.  This little guy sure does make me smile!
And then... Kensley had had enough.  I was really discouraged.  We had a special place to visit next.
I talked her into making a Valentine for the 'surprise family' and we headed out the door.
Although we were 30 mins late, at least Kensley 'got with the program' and was ready for her surprise.
 A trip to Lucinda's house!
Lucinda always picks up little things for the kids - this time it was fun cups and candy...
no wonder they LOVE to go there!?!  She always knows how to make celebrations even MORE fun!

 I was tickled when Kensley asked for some of that pink stuff.  

WARNING:  What you are about to read will change.  your.  life.

That pink stuff was 2 ingredient fudge.  Melt a bag of white chocolate chips and mix in a can of frosting.

It is so delicious.  Like unbelievably yummy.  You *will* be seeing it appear on the blog again!
 Molli helped the kids decorate their cookies.  Lots of sprinkles for little cookies.

 {See the shoes carelessly thrown on the floor in the background?  Yep.  The kids just feel at home at the Oiler's house.
Although I'm greatful they feel comfortable, now we need to work on this isn't your house so don't snoop.}

The red glitter frosting was Kensley's favorite. 
The kids watched a new Valentine's Day Veggie Tale movie, ate their cookies, Kensley made a craft and then we had to rush to Charleston.

After we got back from Kensley's appointment, we ate dinner.
The kids got special cups from Jessica and Boots!
The last event of the day was for the kids to open their 'prizes' as Nolan calls them.
 The kids each had one Valentine's Day wish.
 Kensley got her princess lipstick kit.

 I love this face.  Obviously, Nolan was excited about his wooden train set.
 We also picked up this vehicle set at Ikea.  They are wooden {I love wooden toys}
and their parts interchange so that you can create your own cars! 
 Kensley received a stencial doll set.  Perfect for church - or at least that was my plan at the time of purchase.

 For those of you naive followers that think life is always picture perfect... here's some proof that things can get rather crazy here.
 Kensley is eating strawberry Twizzlers out of her toes while Nolan applies a nice shade of PINK lipstick.

Valentine's Day was just another day in paradise at the Winter Ranch!

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macebabe said...

I knew as soon as I saw the necklace Kensley had on in the first few pics that you'd been at the house! Love it!!