Best Play Date... Ever!

Since the day after Christmas, Kensley has been ready for Valentine's Day.

She told me she wanted to have a party!  We invited some super special kids and picked up a few little treats here and there. 
Finally, the night before the play date, Kensley got to sort out everyone's treasures and put them in their goody bags.

"God loves a cheerful giver." 2 Corinthians 9:6
As you can tell, Kensley was beyond excited for 'the girls' as she calls them, to come.
She asked me to write their names on a piece of foam and made Precious Baby a shirt!

{Be watching for an update on Sparkle and Bling - the goldfish you can see in the background}
 The girls came with handmade Valentine's Day cards {the best kind} for the kid's mailboxes.
 The play date started off a little rough as all girls love PINK and Kensley didn't want to share with her guests.
After a quick pout, it was smooth sailing after that.
The girls had a good time crafting, watching Sophia the First on the iPad hid in Kensley's closet,
pretending to have a royal sleepover and playing with gak.

It was such an amazing time; things went perfect.
I went to bed praising God for his mercies and woke up praising Him.
He is doing BIG THINGS in Kensley's life; we are beyond thrilled.

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Dana K. (I mean Anonymous) said...

Thank you for the stickers. Naomi played with them all morning. :-)