Get Your Craft On {DIY Valentine Decorations}

Our church recently went through a study about building a home where the love of Jesus is felt.

I struggled with the mini-series.

Mostly because I feel like I spend all my time cleaning our home... but it has no personality.
At my most irate moment, I do recall telling Rob that some random family could just plunk
themselves down on the couch and pretend they lived there and no one would know the difference.

I long for our home to be "us".
For the personality of us to shine through.
Where the decorations tell a story and are unique.
But most importantly, where the love of Jesus is felt.

I recently enlisted my cousin, Molli, {AGAIN} for some decorating advice.
She suggested that I start searching for a small table and paint it a bright color like teal.
Let me introduce to you my FAVORITE piece of furniture in our home...
... my $20 flea market find!

Don't you just love it?

Rob and I sanded, primed, painted this little gem!
It's just the color pop that our neutral kitchen was needing.
It's the perfect fit for the awkward space between Nolan's room and the kid's bathroom.

When life gets a little hectic I cope in a variety of ways.

Last 'event' I ate ice cream 2 meals a day for 2 weeks straight.

I don't recommend it.

I'm so glad to find a more healthy way to handle my stress this go around... CRAFTING!

Two years ago, Angie, one of my cheerleader friends {not athletically speaking but a person I can turn to, keep it totally real,
ask for prayer and know she prays for our entire family} sent me the idea of making a photo garland.  
I never got around to it.      Shame.  On.  Me.
I started out by selecting a few of my favorite photos of the kids from the past year.
I used Photoshop, cropped them down to 2x2 inch pictures and created a photo strip on a 4x6 photo.
I cut down card stock to size and attached a little piece of ribbon to easily hang them by.
I stapled the matching 2 photo strips together, facing each other at both the top and
fliped them downward creating a heart and stapled the bottom.
I added a little bit of 'jazz' to embellish the garland and hide the staples.

Next, I found this idea on Pinterest.
As if it isn't cool enough that Courtney offers her Valentine Countdown for FREE,
it's what I read on her blog that truly touched my heart.

"Holiday's with children are just plain fun. They bring so much more excitement into the mix.
But when I think about our celebrations of all the "big ones",
 I don't want my children to merely remember them as being fun.
If they aren't meaningful and
if they don't point to Jesus, then I've wasted my time."
Can I get an amen?

I. Couldn't.  Agree.  More
With her inspiration, I created this little countdown for our family.
Yes, there is glitter on the canvas... there is just something magical about glitter to Kensley and I.

Are you wondering why are there 15 days if Valentine's Day is on the 14th?

It's simple.

Just because Valentine's Day will be 'over' I want our kids to continue to love like Jesus all month long.
I encourage you to check out this site for a printable that contains scriptures for the kids to learn about God's love.
On the bottom shelf I put some craft supplies to make love notes.
Kensley thinks I'm the coolest Mom ever!
Totally worth buying the $1 rubber stamps at Jo Ann Fabrics.

Are you bummed because you don't really have a bunch of items to get creative with?

Fear not.
I found these adorable little love notes {free printable} and they matched our theme perfectly.
Lastly, I snatched up these mini mailboxes at Target in their dollar bins.
We already had the mismatched candle sticks.  Rob spray painted them.
** He wouldn't admit it but spray painting is one of his STRONGEST talents **
I used my Silhouette and printed out our vinyl initials and voila - easiest project ever!

Overall I'm pleased with how everything turned out.
It's not perfect, but it tells a story... one that I'm excited to get to share with all of you!


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Lucinda said...

Aaaahhhh AAAAHHH! Totally agree with everything you posted!! How fun, fun, fun you are!!! Loved the countdown and the mailboxes!!! LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. the whole post. And Kensley is right, you are the coolest Mom!
(Have to tell you something that Jim said about CHRISTmas....)Talk to you soon.

Christy K. said...

Can I borrow your cousin Molli? Haha! Your statement about how anyone could think they lived there... Made me laugh out loud! I feel the exact same way about this house! I have done NOTHING to help this house! The kids, however, have put their special "touch" on almost every wall...