Blue, Joy, and Penny Love

Months ago Kensley asked for a new room.
Change is hard for her, but since it was her idea I thought I would run with it.

I asked her what she wanted in her new space.
Her response, "blue, joy, and penny love."
 As soon as the word blue left her lips, I frantically rushed around the house and
loaded both kids in the car; we were Walmart bound for some paint... before she changed her mind!
I knew that I wasn't up for repainting her room, but I still wanted a pop of color.
Thanks to Pinterest, I saw the idea of an ombre dresser.
It was super easy to do and only cost $12.00 for the quart of paint.
I purchased the darkest shade of blue and then added white paint to lighten it up for the remaining drawers.
 I made this sign using my Silhouette.
{ Another super simple project. }
Penny Love is a particular book that my Mom purchased Kensley last year.
It tells the sweetest story of a Grandma and Granddaughter who share a special bond.
Whenever the Granddaughter finds a penny she is reminded that her Grandma loves her.
 It has been amazing how frequently Kensley finds random pennies.
Each time, she says out loud, "I love you Mamaw".
The first time I saw this idea online I knew it was perfect for Kensley's new space.
Rob painted the cardboard letters pink and I hot glued some of the pennies that Kensley has found recently.
 I loved the idea of a photo wall, but I kept finding quotes that seemed fitting for Kensley.
I wanted her room to be a reflection of her; words are how she operates.
The collage wall was the perfect way to incorporate the joy that Kensley wanted surrounding her.

Here's some close up of the other frames too!
This has glass over it so Rob and I can use it as a dry erase board for constantly changing reminders of why we love our sweet little girl. 

{Saying I created inside the large blue frame}

I pray that you have the  faith of Sarah, the wisdom of Deborah,
the joy of Elizabeth.  I pray that you have the pureness of Ruth,
the obedience of Lydia and the strength of Abigail. 
I pray that you will be a  helper like Priscilla,
have the  favor of Ester and be a  peacemaker like Leah. 
I pray that you will

worship like Miriam, have a  heart like Mary
and that your prayers be heard like Hannah’s.  

I pray that you
grow to be a woman of God.
 A special shout out goes to Rob.
He patiently painted and repainted almost every detail in her room.

I still want to pick up a few frames to fill in the gaps, hang the picture on her dresser,
make a coordinating banner to drape over it, and find some snazzy curtains.

It's 90% done... and that's worth celebrating... and blogging!


Kelli Miller said...

Beautiful room for a beautiful girl! It looks awesome :) Did you come up with the Biblical women prayer or did you find it somewhere? I love it! Good job Mama!!!

CaSandra said...

Thanks Kelli!

In the past I saw an idea of the biblical women prayer, but I took it upon myself to do a personal bible study... and chose women to research who I felt would most inspire Kensley!

Kelli Miller said...

Well, you did an awesome job on it! I might steal your idea and do one for my boys if you don't mind :) It's so important to pray over our kids!!!

Teresa Evans said...

I love it! You are so incredibly talented! Come take over my house...

Melinda said...

I had to tell you that I pinned this to my Pinterest board. I love the wall behind Kensley's bed and want to do something similar for Addie Grace's room. Thanks for the inspiration! You are awesome :-)

CaSandra said...

Melinda you are too sweet! I have continued to work in her room... can't wait to post the 'updated' pictures. Just need to finish the ruffle curtains!

Melinda said...

Can't wait to see the 100% completed room!! I'm working on Addie Grace's room right now :-)