Baking... With A Little Boy

Our family has recently started eating gluten free.  Well... mostly gluten free.

Rob and I have notice that we feel better but it has been a challenge mainly with Kensley 
since her diet is so restricted to her few favorite 'safe foods' that of course, aren't gluten free.

Our goal is to eat 90% GF which still allows for an occasional treat every now and then.

Last grocery shopping trip I purchased 78 items.

77 were gluten free, but I just couldn't pass up these adorable premade Valentine's Day cookies.
The project was going well until Nolan {what a little stinker}
decided to drive his fire truck across Kensley's unbaked cookies.  
Despite the aforementioned traffic accident, these turned out SO yummy!
I continue to be amazed at how the cookies hold their shapes and the designs don't mess up while baking.

Totally.  Worth.  Their.  Gluten.  Infused.  Goodness. 

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