Ruffled Ribbon Christmas Tree Shirt Tutorial

The day before Nana's Work Party, I got a wild idea to make Kensley something to wear.
We ran to Walmart and bought some supplies. 
As I stood there with a buggy full of festive red and green ribbon,
Kensley squeaks out in a quiet pitiful voice,

"I don't like red... pink is more my style."

And just like that I had to start my planning all over. 

I agree PINK is more her style!
There are a variety of tutorials on Pinterest, but this is how I made Kensley's shirt.

I suggest to buy 3/4 yard of each color of ribbon.
That gave me extra so that I had enough for make a coordinating hair thing.
* It's way cheaper to buy the ribbon by the yard verses the spool.*
At our Walmart they charge $0.53 a yard.

My longest peice of ribbon used for the base was 17 inches long.
Change the settings on your sewing machine to the longest stitch length.
Sew down the ribbon without backstitching at the beginning or end.
Pull the thread so that the ribbon ruffles.
Pin your now ruffled ribbons onto a sheet of heat bond.
Once you have all of your ribbon strips in place, iron the back side.
*Applying a hot iron to the ribbon could cause it to possibly melt*

Cut out a triangle shape.
A good reference is a 6 inch base with 7 inch sides.

Take a lighter and seal the sides of the ribbon so they don't unravel.

Attach the tree to your shirt and add a bow on the top.
Sew a loop of ribbon to the bottom for a tree trunk.

Although this project was simple to make, allow about 2 hours to create it
so that you aren't sewing it in the car on the way to your event like I was!

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