Nana's Work Party 2012

Rob's Mom works at NGK Sparkplug and every year they host a WONDERFUL Christmas party for the kids. 
Weeks in advance parents/grandparents submit gift ideas for their children. 
Employees shop for the items and then Santa comes and delivers the wished-for items to the little ones.
I have never been a part of a company that is so generous!
 Kensley's first sight of Santa this year.
Melt. My.  Heart.
They ate light refreshments while they waited for Santa's elf to call their names.
(Notice how many people are in the background)
Finally, after almost everyone had their turn and left... Kensley and Nolan heard their names being called!

She was so excited that it had HER name on the package!
Kensley received the new Tinker Bell movie; Secret of the Wings.
Nolan obviously got The Lorax!

After Rob's Birthday lunch, we went back to Nana's, snuggled up on the couch and watched both movies.

Our kids are just starting to really get into movies.
I personally am a fan of all of the cool animations... the Lorax's mustache is my favorite.

Thank you NGK; you started our Christmas off with cheer!

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