Christmas Joy: Through the Eyes of a Child

 We are blessed with multiple places to celebrate Christmas, so we try to do one event a day
so that the kids actually get to play with their present and enjoy the day verses rushing off to the next place.

We celebrated JESUS' BIRTHDAY today!
Kensley woke up very excited but insisted on knowing who the presents were from.
Rob nor I said anything and all at once she hugged her presents and said,
Abby, the particular doll that Kensley has been wishing for!

 Kensley was all smiles... all morning... I couldn't have been more pleased with the gratitude she displayed.
Nolan's hoped for gift; a remote control truck like Daddy's.
Despite having 2 kids, some think that our house is always clean and organized.
I even have one cousin in particular that upon entering our home he lies on the floor and checks for crumbs.
{Yes, Tyler - I'm talking about you.}
This is proof that our house is lived in - just the way I like to see it Christmas morning!
Last year, my friend Christy said that she took a few pictures, put the camera down
and just soaked up the excitement with her kids for the rest of the morning.
I never dreamed that I would be able to do it, but I did.

It felt good.  Really good.

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