2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Party

 Before the festivities began my Mom snapped a quick picture of the whole group.
We sure are blessed to have so many friends make us a priority in their lives!

We had finger foods to munch on but it wouldn't be a party unless there was candy and cookies, right!?!
 After everyone ate, my cousin Molli (far right) took everyone's pictures.
It was SO nice to have someone else help snap some photos for a change.
Not having to stress over being the poparazi made the event so much more enjoyable for me!

Thanks again, Molli.
The first game we played was kind of like a white elephant gift exchange.
Going along with the UGLY theme, I wrapped each present in an already used shopping bag.
My cousin Jimmy, showed us the proper use of how to wear a chuck (that was wrapped around the candle to prevent it from breaking). 
Although that is sort of amusing - that's not why I love this picture.  Check out Tyler's face.  Yep - his first sneak peak at his gift!
A very busty strapless bra which also doubles as a helmet!
Larry opened a special set of mittens you wear while petting your dog which then brushes the extra fur out of their coat.
Christy got some mad money; too bad it was only made out of paper.

Next, we played Minute-To-Win-It themed games.
 Mouth to Mouth
Everyone places a shish kabob stick in their mouths.  Divide teams in half.  The object is to transfer a pretzel to your neighbor's stick without using your hands.
Rob eating his victory pretzel; the boys beat the girls. 
 A Bit Dicey
Contestant must balance 6 die on a popsicle stick held in their mouth.
Stack must stay for 3 seconds.
  This Blows
Blow empty cups off a table or across the floor with the air from a balloon.
Paper Dragon
Contestant must unspool two rolls of party streamers using only their hands and arms.
 Penny Hose
Two pennies are placed in the ends of the legs of a pair of pantyhose.
Using only their hands, the contestants must inch their way down the legs to retrieve the pennies and pull them out.
Each arm must work independently and the player cannot use one hand to stretch or hold the hose for the other.
 Bite Me
Pick up 5 bags of different sizes with your teeth,
without using your hands to touch the ground.
 Face The Cookies 
Contestants, using only their faces, must move three Oreo cookies
individually from their forehead to their mouth without dropping it.

{Forget using three Oreos - most of our party-goers couldn't even successfully move one cookie!)
 Being the perfect best friend that I am, I was hysterically laughing watching Jessica struggle,
all while I safely hold my cookie in my hand with my face covered in Oreo crumbs.
 Elephant March
Place 6 unopened water bottles in three parallel rows on the ground.
The contestants must wear a standard pair of pantyhose over the head,
with an orange placed inside the end of one leg.
The contestant must swing back and forth using the momentum of the orange
to knock down all six bottles.

Real men wear pantyhose, right?
We voted at the end of the party and prizes were awarded.
Darci and Daniel tied for the ugliest sweater and received a $20 gift card to pizza hut.
No details were overlooked by Darci.
Rob won the worst ugly sweater outfit; kind of surprised me since Larry and he had matching purple pastel pants.
Molli's peanut butter balls won the most festive dish and earned her a $10 Amazon gift card.
Yes, Mark brought multiple outfits to change into as the party progressed.

He is such a fun guy to be around; totally knows how to keep things fresh and fun!


☆Sara☆ said...

Omg I am literally dying over here this looks hilarious!! Those games look like a lot of fun and I can't even handle robs outfit...hysterical!!!

Christy K. said...

Had an awesome time! Hope you are up for it again next year! Looking forward to it!