Surprise Graduation Party

My cousin recently graduated from college... if I need a nurse, I now know who to call!

Her Mom worked hard putting together a super special nurse themed party.
Molli was shocked; even her sister got to join in the excitment via Skype.
The pills were totally Kensley and I's favorite!
Everyone got a First Aid Kit (fancy boxed lunch) and it was the BEST idea ever.
You will be seeing this same concept at one of our upcoming parties.
 The children got special little boxes; of course our kiddos go for the cookies first.
 ... and the silliness begins...
 Jeremyreally enjoyed drinking his urine sample; oh the memories.

Great party Lucinda!


Chicken Wrangler said...

That is FABULOUS! When my sister graduated from Nurse School, we all wore nurse caps that we made out of that light weight craft foam, and took a family photo - even the babies wore caps like that. It was funny - but this party sure beat the one we had way back then! Very creative - loved those ideas!!!

Christy K. said...

Haha! How fun!

mark lawrence said...

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