There's No Such Thing...

... as a lazy Sunday afternoon.

We are busy. 
Busy going here and there.
Busy doing for others.
Busy with projects of our own.
We are always busy!

But the kids don't really understand all of the rushing around.

Rob is the BEST when it comes to taking a break and playing with the kids... even if he's busy.

 Nolan would run to me and say, "Mama, Me, No-No, High"
Translation:  Mama, did you see me?  Nolan went high!
Kensley's latest passtime has been making cards.  Lots of cards.  Probably too many cards.
Our house is littered with them.  They are everywhere.  But they entertain her... and make other's smile.

She gave one to our waiter at the local mexican resturant.
It was a "Happy First Birthday" card.
Our poor, broken-English waiter didn't 'get' it.
But Kensley was beside herself; she was SO proud!
{Daddy, Nolan, Mama, Kensley}

Yep - you quite possibly may see this again on our Christmas card;
it's the best family photo we have.

We are all looking, we are all smiling, we all cordinate... and I look thin!

Some of my recent projects have been working on Kensley's 'new' room; reveal coming soon.
Nolan has asked for quite a while for a big bed.
I just always kind of ignored him. Cribs are easy.
But... if he's ready... Rob and I agreed to give it a whirl.
We took his mattress out of his crib, put it on his floor, snagged a few extra pillows.  Done.
He went right to sleep.  Didn't make a peep.  Never woke up.  Never came out of his room.

Looks like my next project will be redoing his room!

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☆Sara☆ said...

Omg those pics of Nolan in mid air is amazing!! I love it! And kensley is so cute and sweet hearted, I love how she is always thinking of others. You guys are doing such a great job raising those two!! <3 ya!