Homeschool: Outer Space

Our reason for homeschooling is different than most.

That's the wonderful part of schooling at home;
you get to cater your lessons to your child's specific needs.

Our main goals right now are to desensitize textures for Kensley so that she can eat a wider variety of foods. 
Also, we are working on tactile areas such as properly holding a writing utensil and using her hands.

First up for your viewing pleasure... space snacks!


Kensley ate the Oreos and Gripz; there's no denying she sure loves cookies!

More space snack ideas:
Star Crunch
Moon Pies
Sunny D
Milky Ways
Sun Chips
Star Fruit

It should go without saying that we made a few trips to the library to check out space themed books.
{Truth: So Mama knew the answers to what I was attempting to teach}

 Hands down, this was our best book choice; very kid friendly but informational at the same time!
Kensley wrote her name for the FIRST time!
It is a huge accomplishment in our house; has only happened once since then... but we will get there.
Another benefit to homeschooling is you get to reinforce the important fundamentals of life!

Take Notes:  You MUST make this puffy paint with your kids... today!

1 cup flour
3 teaspoons of baking powder
1 teaspoon of salt
Add water to make is pancake batter consistency
Use food coloring to dye desired shades of paint

Paint it and stick it in the microwave.
30 seconds later, you have a puffed up masterpiece.
Super easy 3-dementional project!
It didn't take long to figure out that Kensley needed to have her own space.
We are improvising as we go.  Sadly Rob's hobby town got shut down
and our laundry room is slowly transforming into Kensley's school room.

Another perk to homeschooling is thinking outside the box.  We were learning about rockets. 
This is the first thing that came to my mind.
 Yep!  That's some live action for ya'!
 Okay.  This is where it becomes apparent that it's a good thing that I am the educator.
No, I had no idea Rob was going to risk his life attempting to jump over a flaming firework. 
I saw him take off running; I had a suspicion, {this isn't the first time he has pulled this trick}
raised my camera and this is the shot I got.   He.  Kills.  Me. 
 Real burning rockets; take that public education!.

If you ask Kensley what her favorite activity was, she would quickly tell you it was flying to the moon with Daddy!
 Don't you just love her space helmet?

Let's keep it real.  So much focus is placed on Kensley... but guess what... I still have Nolan at home with me. 
In case you are wondering exactly what does he do while we do school - I'll give you a little sneak peak!
 Some days, he joins us.
Other times he quietly plays trains... for like 4 minutes.
On dramatic days, he pretends to sleep after dragging every shoe out of the laundry room closet.
If that isn't entertaining enough, he uses the vacuume attachments as trumpets.  Uggggh.
It's never safe to turn my back; he's very ornery... and needs close supervision.

This is the photo that takes the cake.
Swimming in ALL of Kensley clothes.  They were clean.  Taken straight from her drawers.

And that's my life; teaching and cleaning!

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