Preschool 2012 - First Day


"Dear Lord, please guide me as I learn the things I'll always use.
Like how to write the alphabet and how to tie my shoes.

Lord, please help me learn to count to numbers very high.
Please show me all your answers when the question comes up, "Why?"

Dear Lord, you gave us arithmetic, you gave us science too.
As I learn, I'm going to turn and seek advice from you!"


Christy K. said...

Kensley, Happy First Day of School! You look so pretty and I love your backpack! You are going to learn so much! Remember to have lots of fun!

Christy K. said...
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Lucinda said...

Happy first day of preschool. Love the backpack!

☆Sara☆ said...

Love the poem Cas!! She is going to excel no matter where she's at!!