Nature Portraits

Yes, she is wearing 2 different boots; it's her style.
The kids arranged their pictures on the table and then I hot glued them on card stock.
When it came time to glue on Kensley's mouth, she told me she wanted it upside down.
I questioned it a few times but quickly could tell that was truly what she wanted.

It.  Broke.  My.  Heart.

Seriously, who wants their child to be dissatisfied with themselves?  Not me.

I hid the project in the laundry room.  When Rob came home and asked the kids what they did, I quickly took him to the side and tipped him off.

Although it took a while, he finally got to the bottom of the matter.

"I wanted my picture to frown because Nolan's is smiling and I like to be different."

And there you have it, in true Kensley form; she just likes being unique!


Melinda said...

I just love your Kensley!! Sometimes I wish I had the confidence to be different too. What a precious gift you have in her.

Christy K. said...

I love these! I might have to copy the idea ;)