Happy {Belated} 2nd Birthday Nolan!

My Granpa flipped his lawn mower a few weeks ago and he is still in the hospital.
Our family is so close, we decided to postpone Nolan's celebration until he was able to make it.

We now realize that it will be awhile before he will return home, and chose to go ahead and have Nolan's party!
It was a very small event; Nolan only asked for one thing... a lawn mower cupcake.
Polos!  Yep, we have a little preppy on our hands.
His facial expressions just cracked me up; Christmas should be fun this year!
Love.  At.  First.  Sight.
Now he can play the guitar with Daddy.
{Working on finding something to fabricate him a strap - he's a lefty}
Nolan was over the moon exctied; hasn't put it down since he opened it.
Yes, he even slept with his TAR!

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☆Sara☆ said...

Omg he is cuter than a basket full of baby beagles!! & I'm sorry to hear about you grandpa, I hope he recovers quickly! I was wondering why no blog updates for a while!!