Say What!?!

Kensley (when she not complaining or trying to talk back) is wonderful entertainment!

She says the silliest things.  We think she's adorable.
What a blessing Jesus restoring her hearing has been for our family.
If she never heard, there is a possibility she wouldn't have ever spoke.
I can't help but to wonder how many little things we would have missed.
Flash forward:  Now, she's a handful... but a silly little  { STYLISH }  handful.

Here's some of her latest snippets I've taken the time to write down.


Mama, together we are honkey-monkeys!

Caleb is my best friend because he doesn't whine or cry.

Knock Knock: Who's there?
Kensley:  Kensley who?
Kensley Tiger Tree Branch?
** Ummm... I still haven't gotten why this is so funny to her **

I'm not very happy with Nolan right now - he can't count very well.  He can only count to four.

Am I supposed to make a bunch of big messes today Mama, or not?

My belly button wants a puppy.

Why do I cry every day, Mama?

When you love someone you slow dance with them.

I'm too little to chew with my mouth closed.  When I get bigger, I might think about trying it.

Can you put Nolan in storage?  Or the trash?  I want an older brother... from China.

Mama, I'm so proud of you - you are the best doctor in town.

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Molli said...

Tyler's most recent favorite Kensley'ism is "Nolan, if you eat the rest of my food, I can be done and go play!"

She's so cute!