Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

And there it is... the look.
The look that melts my heart.
The look that makes time stand still.

The look that Kensley gives my Dad. 
 The recent storm hit my parent's place hard {literally} and a live tree came down on my Dad's canoe. 
He's been wishing for a Bass Baby for awhile and now he had the perfect excuse to buy a new toy.

He took it to a local lake to test it out.  After a quick, "Well it isn't sinking so do you want to get in?" I secured Kensley's life jacket and they were off!
 Nolan, who had talked about the boat for days, opted to stay on shore and eat snacks...
 ... and throw rocks instead.  Maybe next time?!?!? 
Wedding flowers and bear kisses... what more could a 4-year old seriously ask for?

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Christy K. said...

You know, it just hit me. Seeing her in that boat. Our BABIES ARE FOUR YEARS OLD! They are growing up. *Sniffles*