Power Outage 2012

Last month, a huge power outage hit our area. 
Crazy fast winds (some reports said up to 90 miles per hour)
uprooted trees and knocked over power poles.

Our house was hot.  Like really hot. 
At one point the thermometer said 94 inside. 
With no air movement.  Uggghh.
It was 103 outside.  I couldn't get comfortable.

We were somewhat prepared.  I think better prepared for an outage in COLD weather
verses the heat of summer.  Gas went quickly; out at all of the gas stations in just a few hours. 
Thankfully we had fuel and a generator.
While Rob was still trying to get things situated the morning of the second day,
I was left to entertain the kids. With restless little bodies, I decided a nap was in order!
Rob was able to get the generator hooked up (and chained to the porch - it was a sought after item) and we were able to
plug in our little  deep freeze in the laundry room.  We kept some of our fridge contents in coolers on ice.

CRAZT TIMES can bring out CRAZY PEOPLE and we weren't about to take any chances! 
Eeeeeek!  Yes, that is a snake skin... or two!

We had a small window unit air conditioner in the top of the barn in storage. 
Obviously a snake also called the bag it was stored in home for a while.

Rob ran it a while outside to make sure no critters were inside
and we put it in Kensley's bedroom and hid out in there; packed in like sardines.
We were still able to cook since we had a grill.  Also, it has a side burner on it.
We didn't have any sandwich meat on hand when the power went out.
We ate boiled eggs to keep us going since they are packed with protein.
And it should go without saying that we still enjoyed noodles.
State of Emergency or not - I must have pasta!
Speaking of food, we went to a Fish Fry put on by the church.
It was wonderful food and a wonderful excuse to get out of the house
and go somewhere that actually had air conditioning and cool off!
We set up the kids a little DVD player.  Others with generators ran their whole house.
In fear of something going wrong and risk blowing up the tv, computer
or something more expensive, we opted just to rough it.
Although Kensley's room is small, we made do. 
We brought Nolan's crib mattress in and made us a little bid on the floor.
{Yes, Nolan is tucking his favorite froggy in for the night.}
We tried to keep some things the same.
Of course we read books together.
Our kids are used to going to bed with white noise and church songs playing.
We didn't want to put a too large of a load on the generator, so we focused on
the basics... not the luxuries... going to bed in a totally quiet room was a challenge for them.
Remember that Fish Fry I mentioned?
Well, someone must have given Nolan some fish.
He'd never had fish before.
It didn't go over well.

Let's just say he got sick in the middle of the night.

Ever tried to change barf blankets in the pitch dark?
I hope it's just a one-time experience for me.
With the house hot and the smell overwhelming,
I went to my Aunt's house who let us wash a load of laundry! 
Morning #3 and still no power.
Might as well fly the RC helicopter for a while, huh?
The kids, who rarely get to play with our phones, took full advantage of the opportunity.
Yes, Kensley had a bad cut to nurse on her hand during all of this as well.
When Kensley gets too hot, she has difficulty breathing. 
Praise the Lord we had a generator that we could power her breathing machine. 
You just don't realize how much you use electricity until it's gone.
 The evening of the third night around 9 pm the power FINALLY came back on!
Our fridge was bare - we had actually lost quite a bit but knew that others had it way worse than us.

 Here's a picture of my Dad beside one of the trees at the farm that the wind blew down.
I heard of a shipment of ice arriving at Walmart so I rushed there
and bought 7 bags and delivered it to our family in a nearby town.
Pictures just doesn't do it justice; this healthy tree was HUGE!

It was an experience for sure.
As wanna-be Doomsday Preppers it gave us insight to what we need to work on!

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