Food Coloring Fireworks

If you are looking for a cheap and easy distraction; I would recommend this one.

{Disclaimer: The pictures do not do this project justice; you must try it for yourself!}
Supplies You Need

1 Glass container almost full of water
2 Tablespoons of oil in a separate bowl
1 Spoon for stirring
4 drops of food coloring
{we used 2 drops each of 2 different colors}
Yes, Nolan covered his ears expecting the "fireworks" to be loud and refused to participate.

To get started, put 4 drops total of food coloring in about 2 Tablespoons of oil and stir together.
 Pour the oil mixture into a container of water and watch the fireworks slowly begin to fall.

This picture actually touched my heart.
Kensley is not affectionate with me, nor does she speak about loving me.
It's hard to deal with most days, but I don't want her to say it out of habit or guilt.
If I do my job right, in 20 years she will be my friend.  For now, I will guide her in the right direction.

I didn't even know that she had taken her "Mama and Kensley" dolls outside with her.
At the peak of the fireworks, Kensley put them on the table.

To me, it was her way of saying,
"Thanks Mama for taking the time to do things with me."

It made all the messes seem worth it in that very instant.

And Mr. Serious still had his ears covered, waiting for the "fireworks"!

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