ZOO - Columbus, Ohio

We recently took a little vacation to Columbus, OH.

Simple. Cheap. Fun.

I was thrilled my parents wanted to join us; you can never have too much help when traveling!
We borrowed my Uncle's vehicle so that we could all ride together; how nice.
Our next car will be a Honda Pilot.  Third row seating is dreamy.
  First stop was the zoo.  I was a bit worried.  Without having a concept of what animals would be there,
the kids kept insisting they wanted to see "cheep cheeps" {ducks and chickens}
With much delight we saw some just moments after arriving; thank goodness!
It was hot.  Like melt in a puddle hot.
Most of the animals didn't even come out of their dens because of the heat.
I snatched these water bottles at Dollar Tree the night before we left; wonderful investment.
The polar bears really tickled Nolan.

Rob was our tour guide.  I'm glad.  I can't read a map to save my life.
My main focus was to try and visit every air conditioned exhibit!

A picture with one kid is manageable.
Throw in one more and it's sheer chaos.  Another fail at a normal family photo.
At this point in my life, it's almost funny... almost!
The zoo had an amazing playground.  Perfect to run off some energy while we hung out in the shade!

Yes, Kensley touched a snake.  She liked it.  Maybe too much.
FYI: She will NOT be getting a pet snake while we lives under our roof.
Nolan continued to be fascinated with all the cheep cheeps!
The sting rays were my favorite; although you had to pay to pet them, this splurge was worth it.
There was a small area where children could get up close and personal with some of the animals.
Nolan fell in love with Daisy the opossum.
By the end of the day, I was wore out.  It was simply too hot for me, but so it was neat to get to experience more firsts through our children's eyes.  If we go back, it will be in the fall or spring!

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