We have been...

I've had quite a few people question, "How did you have time to make all that stuff for Kensley's Birthday? " 

The truth of the matter is I stayed up late, got up early and worked some in between messes and meltdowns.
Over the last month we have stayed very busy. 
In an effort to get 'caught up' on the blog, here's a random post to catch everyone up.
Among other things, here's what we have been doing!
Popsicle Devouring
Worm Catching
Bubble Paint Blowing
Powered Donut Consuming
Book Sale Supporting
Lens Flare Catching
Late Night Sewing
Lawn Mower Driving
Family Picnicking
Turtle Catching
Park Playing
Story Hour Attending
Letter "A" Searching
Headband Wearing
Silly Lunch Eating
Care Package Opening
Mini Carousel Riding
Sun Glass Wearing/Sleeping
Sugar Glider Holding
Hands On Painting
Big Toy Sliding
Slurpee Slurping
Opossum Puppet Wearing
American Girl Wishing
Bug Swashing
Toe Nail Painting
Sparkler Watching
Play Place Hydrating
Cross Dressing 
 Fun Dip Eating
Birthday Party Celebrating
Target Popcorn Smacking
Favorite Doll Snuggling
Baby Fever Tending

A virus is currently running wild in our family.
It struck Kensley first yesterday - fever and vomiting.
Hit Nolan this morning and me this afternoon.
Nolan is having a hard time with spiking fevers, rapid heart rate and labored breathing.

Pray that Rob doesn't get this.  Whatever it is, it's NO fun!


Christy K. said...

I love this post! Too cute!

Jennifer said...

Praying you all feel better! Emma got a fever last night and she was breathing funny. She still has the fever. I loved the post and with everything I cram into my post I think I have to copy this!