After we left COSI, we hit up the splash park nearby.  The kids didn't know what to think at first.
It was a record-breaking HOT day; every daycare imaginable was there.
{I'm not a fan of strangers in my pictures; that made photographing our children difficult.}

 Nolan was still rocking a crayon bandaid from the doctor center.

Remember see a pink balloon Kensley was playing with?
Here it is - popping in Nolan's hands.
** Pretty good shot if I do say so myself ** 
At the end of the day, Kensley wanted to go dance on the big stage.
Bless her heart she has her Mama's rhythm; nothing like the talented boys behind her.
Nolan likes talking on phones - or in this case bananas.
He will pick it up and say, "Hello.  Bye.  Hello.  Bye."
It's safe to say he was heartbroke when Kensley began to eat it.

The splash park was a fantastic option for our family since the kids have so many ear issues.
They were able to get wet, cool off, but not have a ton of water blast into their ear canals!

This vacation was a blast - it was all about the kids and what fun things they wanted to do.
I remember my parents sacrificing for my brother and I, now it's time I do that in return.

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