COSI - Columbus, Ohio

On Day #2 of our mini-family vacation to Columbus, we visited COSI - Parents magazine ranked number one science center in the USA.  I'd have to agree - it was awesome.  Since we are card holding members to the Clay Center, admission was *free*.  Cha-Ching!!!

 Making pennies of the fun places we go has been a tradition this summer!

 The Progress portion of the center was like a literal walk down memory lane.
Not only did you get to see what it was like during different eras, they had items to explore!

 I've never saw such a fun water station room.
There were even little booster seats for infants to safely splash around in.
Rainjackets were provided... and so were dryers if needed to dry your kids clothes :)

As you can see there are just rooms and rooms of fun, hands-on learning.
The doctor area was Kensley's favorite.  There were fun colored bandaids to play with.
They clearly didn't know who was coming :)

It was a WONDERFUL experience; one that we will return for.  Next trip we will allocate more time to be spent there. 
We were there about 4 hours and felt like we missed so much!

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