Chapter 4: Kensley's Book Birthday

Kensley's loss of hearing/lack of verbalization made communicating very hard.
Oh a whim, my parents bought her the Your Baby Can Read series.
Never expecting that it would work, imagine our surprise when we learned that she could read...  really read... at age 2.
It was such a blessing!
Despite having in-home help {at one point 5 days a week} for speech therapy and
sign language instruction, it was books that helped us build the communication gap. 
About 6 months ago, Kensley told me that she wanted a Book Birthday.
She loves the library and wanted to donate some of the books she would receive.
I was overwheemed how selfless of an idea it was.

She has made so much progress this past year and that's why we celebrate!

The invitations were designed by my dear friend Courtney at Small Beginnings Photography.
Check out her work - you will be impressed for sure!

I wanted to include some special dates and party info so I created these little library cards.
I loved the non-traditional stack of invitations verses the normal folded ones.
I made chevron envelope wraps; they were funky and fun - perfect for Kensley's celebration.
What's better than seeing your name in lights?
Seeing it in pink tinsel glitter of course!

My favorite party decoration was these story lanterns.
I bought beach balls at Dollar Tree and covered them in circles I cut out of old books.
Ice cream spoons with some bling.
Kensley's current favorite colors; pink and lime green.
Surprisingly the little boxes of book worms were a huge hit with the adults!
Chocolate drizzled popcorn with candy.
Apple cupcakes

I made pinwheels and glittered the edges to make them pop.
I created little favor bags by sewing book pages together.
Inside the favor bags I put candy bars.
I created Kensley's candle by jazzing up a regular $0.97 one from Walmart.
Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you...
... Happy Birthday dear Kensley... Happy Birthday to you!

These little candy treats were easy to make and Kensley's favorite.
The books were created using Hershey's Nuggets.
On her actual Birthday, she didn't ask for a present... not one.
But with all the hype of her party, today she was hoping to get 9 presents.

Kensley was blessed to get 67 books at her party... and a little bird told me that there are even more on the way!
We will be deciding soon which ones will be donated to the library.

As the invitation reads, she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

 I thought this was such a clever card idea that little ones could help make; the possibilites are endless!

We rented a jump house and borrowed a smaller one for the younger guests.  Hands down, it was Rob's best idea ever.
It entertained the kids while it took the pressure off of me to come up with cool games and prizes!

Kensley was very appreciative of her party but is already asking for a Pink Pig Party or a Camping one... you know, as if I haven't already done those themes! She cracks me up. For the next 6 months I will be cleaning up glitter that is strung throughout our house.
Until then, please just give me a break.

If you have ever planned a party, then you already know that Kensley's party took a lot of work.
I spent hours, okay, that's a lie, days searching for ideas, organizing master shopping lists,
embellishing as many details as possible and sweeping up tinsel glitter, but I couldn't have done it alone. 
I am SO blessed to have my best friend Jessica.  She jumped in with both feet and helped me whenever she could...
but most importantly she let me talk about the to-do list for the past 6 weeks!


Christy K. said...

Gabrien is loving looking at "Kenswee's party pictures"... We had an awesome time and were VERY impressed with all your hard work and creativeness!
PS- Delayna told me later on she felt really badly for throwing away the bling spoons... and I had the same reservation! Haha!

msbimia said...

Do you have a template for the Hershey nugget books? I want to use this idea for my moms retirement party. She is a school librarian! I just love your party!