Water Beads

Yesterday we received a much-anticipated package.
Despite Kensley's prayers for a baby sister from China; we are not adopting.
Nope, Rob didn't order more RC parts either.
This time our package contained a bunch of amazing little polymer gems.
They started off small; very small to be exact.
They were shipped from China, with no directions of course, so I did what any person would do;
I placed our water beads in water. Within 20 minutes they rapidly grew and changed their texture.

I had read online that they had to soak for 9 hours to reach their maximum size. Hindsight is 20/20.
I'd suggest that you soak them for only 4 hours and then drain off the excess water.
I did notice that the longer the more saturated they became, the less vibrant the colors were. Bummer.
 After 10 hours of soaking, our water beads now looked like this!
Kensley's reaction was perfect.  When she first saw the beads sitting on the counter,
she ran to her room and prayed to Jesus thanking him for sending her a new toy!
 Clearly you can see how they multiplied in size.

Water beads seem to be latest craze hitting Pinterest and other similar sites in full force.
But what's not to love?  They are cheap and can be found at most stores.
{Look for them by the artificial flowers or buy them online}
We ordered ours from eBay and they are totally worth the $4 spent.

They bounce, they squish, they are non-toxic, they are bio-degradable and so much fun to play with!


Jennifer said...

no kidding I WAS just thinking about getting these and letting the kids try them!

Melinda said...

I like the way Kensley thinks! You guys should totally adopt!!!