My Aunt's Surprise Party!

 ** S U R P R I S E ! **
 My Dad prepared a picture slide show with music; oh how her looks have changed.
Mom and Grandma prepared a WONDERFUL spread of food!
 After snacks, we watched a testimonial video by her friends and family that shared why they love Teresa.
Darci did a wonderful job making the cakes. 
Teresa is a Court Reporter, so she had a steno machine cake!
The back was my favorite!  I too attended Court Reporting school, but after my car accident that resulted in nerve damage on my left side,
I had to change career paths.  Seeing the paper discharge out the back is like seeing money!
 My cousin Molli was in charge of decorating and she did a SPLENDID job!

Surrounded by her family; what more could a Birthday girl have asked for?

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Christy K. said...

How fun!(All the females in your family are SO PRETTY! No wonder you are so gorgeous! Good genes!)