Last Weekend / This Weekend


... we met up with my Mom and Dad and took the kids to the county farm for some fun.
Although the venders that were scheduled to be there didn't show,
Kensley still had a good time with the inflatables.
 She does not get the concept of racing others or going fast;
the obstacle course was more like a fort to her! 
 {She totally has my grace} 
 Mom and Kensley played in the jump house while Nolan watched from a safe distance.

I didn't think that Kensley would actually do the wall, but with a little help me made it.

I just LOVE having a husband that actually thinks of picking up the camera every once in a while.
What a pleasant surprise these pictures were.  {Normally the ones Rob takes are totally abstract!}

Yes, Kensley is wearing a sarong from Israel; she thinks she is old enough to dress herself.
The jingles of her skirt made her easy to locate in a large groups; a plus for me!
They had a foul raffle - $1 a ticket - Rob said it would be OUR luck that we would win.
Therefore, we didn't participate... good call, Daddy!
Around our parts yard sales are kind of a big deal... guess you can even sell rabbits there too.
The ring pops the kids were holding were a hit; who knew $0.50 could last so long?

It was a great day, we couldn't have asked for better weather, and our kids love being surrounded by family!


... I spent quality time with Kensley... in the Emergency Room.

Her sickness goes back 3 weeks. She has a crazy cough and fever at night.
I took her to a sick clinic, they said bronchitis and gave us a prescription.
Three days later, I took her to her pediatrician, she said walking pneumonia.

She would cough so hard she would vomit.
I had enough and so had she.
She asked me to take her to the hospital.
How could I saw NO to that request?
 Natalie, her best baby friend who never wears clothes, got to join us for the adventure.
 Kensley insisted that every medical personnel check out her toes!
 After x-rays and a breathing treatment she went W-I-L-D.
I was later told that Albuterol can make kids "jittery".  Ummmm... understatement of the year!
 She seriously was too cute to be sick, don't you agree?
Pretending to be a doctor; it's her current occupation she desires to be when she grows up.
Do you like my running shoes? Yep - they are orange!
No, I haven't been running much, other than errands, that is.
Our kitchen counter is now cluttered with a nebulizer and she is
taking Albuterol breathing treatments every 4 hours as needed.

This week wasn't all filled with sickness.
 A dear friend stopped by for a visit and brought me these!
With cheery fresh flowers in hand, how could you possibly be depressed, right?

Thanks Jessica!

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