Healthy Choice Fairy: Introducing Ainsley China

After 5 weeks of being sick, Kensley is finally starting to show significant signs of improvement. 
She was nothing short of amazing.  At the peak of the illness she was on
4 different medications as well as the nebulizer for breathing treatments. 

She was cooperative most days because we kept reassuring her that a treat was coming. 
She woke up one morning to find another letter from the Healthy Choice Fairy.
She has wanted a Baby Alive since before Christmas; her special day had finally arrived! 
 Although I don't remember her thanking me, her face said it all!

I now introduce to you: Ainsley China

Kensley still wants a baby sister from China.
Ainsley was made in China so her middle name seems fitting.
 She loves dolls; they are her friends.  Wonder what was in the big box?  I'll touch on that later!
 But Kensley isn't the only one who enjoys playing with her little friends.  Nolan does too!
{I didn't even realize that Nolan made it in this shot until I was going through the pictures}
Don't judge.  Boys who play with babies make good Daddies. 
 My heart is full as my babies are tucked in and snuggled with love. 
This, my friends, is what living the dream is all about!

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Christy K. said...

Oh! Here you are! Glad to see Kensley is on the mend! And yes, her face does say it all :)

PS- Love the shot Nolan made it into, haha! Cute!