Shoulder Surgery - Road Trip

For those of you who haven't figured it out yet,
Rob had shoulder surgery May 1st.

We were expecting a minor outpatient procedure,
and he would begin therapy 3 days later.
That wasn't the case.

Once the orthopedic surgeon got in there a few more things had to be taken care of.
He is in a sling.  And will be in a sling for a while... like 6 - 10 weeks.
This little guy has become VERY attached to his Daddy since he's been a home.
I, on the other hand, have been even more busy than my usual.
Rob isn't able to work around the house, but he's able to give instructions.
Laughing at him trying to take my picture, one handed, while I adjust the clutch spring on the riding lawn mower. 
Yes, I lifted it up.  Yes, I am She-Woman, hear me roar.

Stay tuned for my BRAG LIST of things I've done while he is down.
It's rather impressive if I do say so myself.

At Rob's 10 day post-op appointment, he was released to travel...
and that's just what we did!

It had been 7 years since I had been back to my family that adopted me during my college life.
They celebrated Nolan's 1st Birthday with us last year, but I was itching to head north.

My parents and grandparents totally stepped up and volunteered to watch our kids.
What a blessing my family continues to be to Rob and I.

It was Rob and I's first kid-less trip...
5 days of thrills and adventures; just what we were needing.
 Our first stop: the best grocery store ever!
 Their candy section is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
 My all time favorite sweet treat; Meijer's sour gummi bears.
 We ate a quick picnic in the car and hit the road towards Northwest Indiana.
 Speaking of food... we ate some really good food while on vacation.
In addition to home cooked meals, we got treated to quite a few meals out at restaurants
that we had never had a chance to eat at... and we hit up Dairy Queen twice for blizzards.

I also got the chance to show Rob were I used to live.
Isn't the brick wall totally cool?
Yep - cool enough to make Rob take his sling off for a snapshot.
My Indiana parents, Zelma and Jim.

Oh yah, there was another reason to visit... my friend Liz is expecting her first baby.
Zelma planned the most extravagant shower I'd ever been to.
Check it out some of my favorite details!


The venue was amazing.  Yep, amazing enough to make Rob take his sling off again!
Before you feel the need to call his surgeon, yes, he is encouraged to move his arm some
from the elbow down in addition to pendulum exercises.
~ Best wishes Rick and Elizabeth ~ 

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