Makin' Mud Pies

Kensley's preschool class at church recently had an attendance contest.

For 4 consecutive Sundays, you had to have perfect attendance for your name to be entered into the drawing. 
Sadly, for the other kids, Kensley was the only one with perfect attendance so she won!

We were out of state when the prize was given {more on that later}
but thankfully my family sent Rob & I pictures of Kensley with her prize!
In case you were at church, I would like to clarify Kensley saying she already had a Mud Pie Maker.

When we got back home, I questioned her. 
She told me that it looked just like my Kitchen Aid mixer.

Ummmm.... MY appliance is a far cry from HER Little Tikes toy.

We are so thankful to be a part of a church where children as valued so highly!

Most people from the congregation were worried about the MESS and our OCD.
It wasn't a problem at all.  Outside toys are made to be messy, right?
While her mud pies baked Kensley and her best friend KLOVE (Caleb) had a popsicle party!

Seriously, what more could a 3-year old ask for?

If you have a Birthday party to attend this summer,
we would gladly recommend the Little Tikes Makin' Mud Pies Kitchen Set.


Christy K. said...

Hah! Wouldn't that go GREAT in our "mud corner"??? And, Nolan looks as if he approves! ;)

Lucinda said...

Wow! How fun! As an older sister, it is safe to say that Nolan will be eating at least one mud pie. I'm speaking from experience, and I didn't even have the mud pie maker. Just a pie plate, dirt, and water.