A Little Box of Sunshine!

Friends are like an investment.  An investment of time, money and emotion.
Over the years, I'd had to learn the tough lesson that some are worth investing in; others, not so much.

Recently, my path crossed with a blog stalker. {Yikes!  That sounds scary.} 
Our Dads have been friends for years.  She began following the blog and praying for Kensley when she lost her hearing.
At any rate, I am so thankful to have a new friend in my life.

I wanted to do something special for her last day of teaching 2nd grade this year.
Special delivery for Room 106: A Little Box of Sunshine!
This idea was so simple since you can print the label out here.
Decorate a simple gift box with scraps of ribbon and wrapping paper.
The possibilites are seriously endless.
Stop by your favorite store and pick up a few YELLOW items!


UPDATE: I also have done a Bag Full of Sunshine.

For more information, check it out here.

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Tina Faber said...

So neat!!!!!