Ice Cream For Breakfast

Yesterday we enjoyed donuts for lunch
Today, it would only make sense to have ice cream for breakfast, right?
It's one thing to pin clever ideas off of Pinterest, but it's another thing to actually make them!

I made the 'cone' out of pancakes.  I prepared the mix like the back of the box said. 
I placed a big spoonful of the batter into a baggie, snipped the end off and used it as a piping bag.
I made the crosshatch design first and then filled the rest in, while cooking on high, of course. 
Add banana slices and place a cherry on top!

During this season of my life, I'm really beginning to enjoy being a Stay-at-home Mom
and having the opportunity to invest in our children and show them the creative ideas I find online!

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Jennifer said...

I have done alot of things from Pinterst but creative foods is not one of them! Cute!