Healthy Choice Fairy: First Flight

3 weeks ago Kensley got her first visit from the "Healthy Choice Fairy".
{We've been busy and I've yet to edit the pictures for that post}
We are desperate to teach Kensley better eating habits, thus a magical friend was created.

Guess what?  The Healthy Choice Fairy visited Kensley again last night!

She brought her skirt and special glitter letter into our room and read what activity she got to do!

** That's an affirmative, she earned her FIRST flight with Papaw **
We took a few quick pictures in Kensley's new skirt and
enjoyed a picnic on the porch before heading to the airport.
My Dad owns his own personal airplane. It's small; 4 seats total.
It goes about 120 mph - aviation fuel is $5.40 per gallon - it burns 8 gallons an hour.

Doesn't make filling up your gas tank in your car seem so bad, right?

When we were pregnant, I knew I wanted our firstborn to be named after my Dad.
I really wanted to name her Piper. Clearly I lost; I still think it would have been
perfect since my Dad flies a Piper Cherokee. Oh well, Kensley fits her perfectly!
 All smiles getting into the plane.
Putting on her headset; her favorite part.
She loves hearing herself talk over the radio!

Ravenswood area traffic 78 Romeo taking runway 4 departing to the north
"This is fun Papaw.  We're flying just like a fairy!"

We flew around the pattern and landed.  I wanted to be sure that she wouldn't be afraid.
She only whined when she realized that we were heading down; she wanted to keep flying!

So... as any spoiling Papaw would do.  We went up again.
She was quick to point out the cars below and didn't show an ounce of fear.

Dad got tickled; Kensley is just like her Mama...
... we both fall asleep almost instantly!
While asleep she missed flying over our house.
She even stayed asleep for the landing.
I'm so glad that Kensley enjoyed her first flight.
I'm thrilled that the engine wasn't too loud and the altitude didn't hurt her ears.
It's important to Rob and I that she gets to do as much as possible with her namesake!

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