Catchin' Crawdads

We kicked off our Memorial Day weekend a day early!

Last night we headed to my parents house.  Kensley has been begging to go camping since last summer. 
I agreed with my Mom that she would have just as much fun camping at their house verses going somewhere hours away.
 With a view like this, do you blame me?
 First up: crawdad hunting.  Back in the day, this was my Mom's specialty!
I guess it still is.  She caught one!

 Nolan was timid at first, but curious indeed.
I love to see my Dad smile while playing with our kids.

This was a totally random/abstract photo I didn't even realize I took at the time.
Once again, Kensley's favorite shoes make their appearance on the blog.  Shocking, I know.
 Nolan is such an easy boy to please at dinner time, especially when hotdogs are involved!

Of course, Rascal likes hotdogs too.

The kids did a little fishing, a quick nature walk, caught a few lightening bugs
and Kensley and Mamaw snuggled up in the camper and called it a night!

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