The Top 20 Things That I Am Good At

1. Washing the laundry, but procrastinating to fold it and put it away.
2. Eating candy for breakfast; Don't judge - it's my coffee.
3. Cooking noodles every night for dinner.

4. Reading emails and forgetting to respond to them. Voicemail messages too.

5. Sweeping the floor.  I get lots of practice on an hourly basis.

6. Cluttering up a bathroom in 15 seconds flat.

7. Freaking out when I'm not control.  Especially when it involves time.

8. Taking too many pictures.  I never know when I'll catch the perfect shot.

9. Copying other peoples cool craft ideas.  Pinterest was made for me.

10. Shopping online for kids clothes.  I do it almost every day but almost never purchase anything after adding items to my cart.
11. Writing blog posts in my head all day long.  By the time night falls, I feel too tired to type anything worth reading.

12. Trying to fix other people's problems that they don't even care enough to worry about.  I'm a firm believer if couples would put forth as much effort when planning their wedding as they would when problems arise, there would only be half as many divorces.
13. Collecting.  Some women collect shoes and purses, but this girl can't have enough stationary goods or gift wrapping supplies.

14. Organizing closets.  It's cheaper than therapy.

15. Washing shoes.  I'm quick to notice other's muddy shoes and wonder what their house looks like.

16. Thinking I can conquer the world on just 5 hours of sleep.

17. Placing an order at a restaurant and making it sound VERY complicated.

18. Alphabetizing my To Do lists.  And then rewriting them so I don't have to look at the things that have been completed and have been scratched off.  Hello OCD! 

19. Disciplining our kids. I refuse to have heathens running around with my last name.

20. Borrowing things and failing to return them in a timely manner. I've had my Dad's speed light on my camera for a good 2 years now... with no hurried intent to return it. It is AMAZING - it allows me to capture fun things like this, that otherwise would never be documented. Thanks Dad!

{Disclaimer: We are one of those families that never lets their kids sleep with them.  Never
Kensley probably has two or three times; Nolan just once or twice.  Both times a serious illness ailed their breathing.  We have a set of those nifty camera monitors - totally swear by them.  When we brought the kiddos home from the hospital they slept in their cribs, right from the beginning.  I don't judge others who co-sleep, it's just how we roll... but... the kids have quickly learned that I will let them flop and jump on our bed in the morning while we are making it - turning into quite the fun morning tradition at the Winter Ranch.}
From our bed, Nolan can also spy one of his favorite toys that sits on top of our dresser.
It's Rob's 1986 Suzuki replica toy.
{Daddy had the real deal too}
It's small and fragile, but so fun to watch him 'ride' it.
 Within just a few moments, he's back to being full throttle and ready to jump again!

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