Time To Clean The Bathtub... Again!

Our kiddos love it when it's time to clean their tub because I'm a little more carefree
when otherwise, I would totally freak over the mess they *might* make.
 Bath salts that dye bath water - coolest invention yet.
Surprisingly, they didn't leave so much as a TINT to the tub!
 This is Nolan's new face.  I fear that you will be seeing it... a lot.
We can't figure out exactly what he's doing, but he just sticks his tongue out all day.

 Yep.  That's what big sisters are for!
To date... this my favorite picture of Kensley's feet!

I'm thrilled she asks me to paint her adorable little toes almost every day.

I have more adorable pictures of the kids, but I've chosen not to include them.

Why you ask?  It's simple.

I was notified by Google that someone (insert SICK-O) searched and found a 'phrase' on my blog.

Wonder what it was?  You don't think I'm foolish enough to type is again now do you?

Let's play charades.  2 words.

First word: 5 letters.  Starts with an "N".  Means to not wear clothes.
Second word: 3 letters.  Starts with a "K".  Means the same as child.

Having a blond moment?  Let me help you out.

" NAK_D   KI_ "

It was found in this post.

Totally taken out of context.  Totally ticked me off!

So... the rest of their cute bath pictures will now be found in their Shutterfly books!

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Lateshia said...

Oh that is so not right. That phrase is mentioned again in that same sentence at the bottom of your blog in case you were editing. :)