They Are Only Little Once

We have done it before... and then again... wonder when we'll play with shaving cream next?

Are you guys sick of Kensley's "Love One Another" pink shirt yet?

I am.   Rob is too.

It was given to us from Kensley's friend, Lexington.
That's why she needs to wear it.  Everyday.

I may... or may not... have lied to her and told her that Lexi actually gave her
the new clothes she got for Easter just so that she would wear them. 

She has 11, count them E-L-E-V-E-N, outfits waiting in her drawer...
new with tags on them.  Yep.  I'm thinking Lexi gave her those too!

Here's to hoping in my next post she will be wearing something a little less predictable.

Fear not: she DOES wear different clothes in public... I had to put my foot down...
but around our house, it's her favorite. 

As I type this, she is wearing it again... and it's soaking wet. 
It got washed, she insisted that she HAD to wear it before going into the dryer!

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Tina Faber said...

I sort of wish I was little again - you are a COOL mom gal!!!!