Storage Wars - Fairplain, WV

My cousin called early this morning and said that they were going to an auction and we should join them.  The weather was cruddy - rain - but since we didn't have big plans otherwise, we went!
 A larger turnout than anyone really expected.  We were hoping the rain would keep some home; guess everyone else was thinking the same thing.
 We were the *only* ones with a stroller; didn't really matter to me!
{That just meant that there were Grandmas and Grandpas galore to fuss over our little beauties}
 The rain slacked off a bit just in time for the 3rd auction.

Some people said that no one ever has anything of value in a storage unit.

Let me remind you that at our old house we didn't have a garage.
Rob's $12,000 racing quad had to go somewhere - where you think we stored it at?
And his Crotch Rocket?  Same place; these exact storage units.
 The kids were troopers; here's Nolan bidding :)
 And this is Kensley's new H-A-P-P-Y face; don't you love it?

Since the kids were SO well behaved, I wanted them to get to have some fun too.
All the rain meant one thing... puddles!!!

Nolan is so small that his splashes really didn't amount to much so Rob would try and help him 'jump'.  In the end, we left early.  Seems that most were there to see if it was just like the shows, Storage Wars and Auction Hunters.  Although we went with a few ideas in mind to purchase, we came home empty handed with money in our checkbook... just like I planned it!

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