Redneck Easter Tradition 2012

Wonder what our new family tradition is all about?

I'll give you a few clues.
 Clue #1
 Clue #2
Clue #3

Figure it out yet? 

Yep.  Kensley's little masterpieces are no more. 
You don't really think that I was the only one having fun, now do you?
 For the record: Rob can totally outshoot me.
 My Dad, who is a competitive shooter, joined in the mix as well.

...  What remains ...
We enjoyed a wonderful evening at my parents/grandparents farm.
So many memories were made here when I was a child; what a fun place to still call home!
{Notice the random blue egg?}
At the end of the night it all makes sense.  The full moon makes some people do crazy stuff.

Whether you are against having a gun to protect your family or currently own an arsenal,
shooting Easter eggs with a BB gun is fun no matter how you look at it.
Some people treat themselves to a fountain drink at a restaurant...
I treated myself to a dozen eggs for $0.99!

Nope, I'm not the only one who would do silly stuff like this.
I was inspired by Ashley over at Under the Sycamore.

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