Everyone thinks that their husband is the best Daddy.
Guess what?  Me too!

Rob takes the cake for being a hands-on Dad.
He plays with the kids; gets down on their level and plays their games.
Our lazy Sunday afternoon was no different.
 With temperatures in the mid to high 80's, it was time to break out the...

 If I close my eyes, I can almost hear her little girl squeals.
Rob is passing along his need for speed!

When Kensley wasn't sliding fast enough in a wet swimsuit, Rob improvised with a trash bag.
The kids 'worked' in the garden some.  We are all excited for this new adventure for our family.
We are starting small; fencing in a 10 x 20 lot, perfect for planting our favorite veggies.
Did you notice Kensley's pink and yellow ears?

They are custom fit ear plugs.
Insurance didn't cover them.  They aren't viewed as a necessity.
For our family, they are.  Kensley picked the colors.
She wears them every day; one of our best purchases ever.

{FYI: Our audiologist mandated that Kensley picked 2 different colors
for her plugs so that they are easier to put in for small children.}
Oh the innocence; watching a helicopter fly overhead!
Kensley: a delightful little girl who is full of sass, personality, and emotion.
(You can even see it in her toes)
I pray that she always remembers the fun things that her Daddy
did with her to make her childhood memorable!

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