The ducks were Rob's favorite.
  The bunnies were Kensley's favorites.
And these little chicks were hands down, MY favorite!

Nope - I didn't Photoshop them.
In all reality, they were more vibraint colored in real life.
{The speed light played tricks with the heat lamp over them}
They were just as amazing as you are imagining.
I knew what date they were being shipped and I called,
like a crazy person, every day until they arrived. 

Did you know that live chicks get shipped with the mail?  Yep - they sure do!

No, they are not dunked in dye.
The color is injected during a precise time of development while they are still in their eggs.

 Nolan insisted on keep telling each one, "Hi" in his loudest squealing voice.
It's totally safe to say that the orange ones were my favorite!

 Rob decided if he got a chick, he would name it, "Ick".

I'm glad that the 'chicken ranch' vision isn't even being considered until next year.
I pray that better names manifest over the next 365 days!

I do encourage you, if you live locally, to swing by Tattm's.
The owners are amazing; always taking time to spend with us.

Times like this I love living in a small town; Anita even knows our kid's names!

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