Digital Scavenger Hunt

The Young Adults at our church recently had a Digital Scavenger Hunt. 
Although we had an extremely small turn out of just 10 committed souls
{insert if you missed it you should have been there} but we had a fantastic time! 

My Mom, who is in charge of planning the events and always does an incredible job,
gave us restrictions on the distances that we could travel.
To sum it up, we were given a sheet of photo ideas and their point value.
4 of the 5 group members had to be in each photo.  We took off with instruction to come back in just an hour.

Once we returned back to the church, we had dinner waiting on us and
Dad had his projector set up so that we could view each teams photos. 

It was a lot of fun to see the difference between the guys vs. the gals.

Here's a few of our pictures!
Phone booth - extra points if it had doors.
 Patio furniture
 Welcome mat.
Mirror.  Look closely - the ONLY picture Rob is in... sort of.
He had my camera and I used Molli's some.
Sign with a color in the title.
We were told to add our ages and find a license plate that contained the total.
Wouldn't you know of all of the cars in our town, both teams used the SAME one!
The Girls Won! 

We returned first {within the hour time frame} and completed
all of the pictures... including all of the extra credit ones!
The prizes were too cute!
100 Grands for winning.
Goobers for losing.

Thanks Mom and Dad for an teriffic evening out and
my Grandma who came to watch our kids all evening.

We can't wait to learn what activity is planned next!

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