~ A Weekend To Remember ~

{Disclaimer: these were taking with my iPhone - not the greatest quality,
but when your kid is sick Fstop, shutter speed and white balance goes out the window}
Friday afternoon Kensley took another nap.  I was getting my hopes up that this was going to
become a {much welcomed} daily habit.  I couldn't have been more wrong. 
Rob and I were wore out having dealt with 10 days of sickness.
Mom and Dad offered to watch the kids and we jumped with joy at their offer.

We dropped the kids off and headed to Parkersburg.

We enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner compliments of a gift card from my secret sister.
I texted Mom to check on the kids and went inside Home Depot to price supplies for the kitchen renovation.  While we were there I get a text back that Kensley isn't doing well; her ear was killing her, so we went and picked her up.

It didn't take 5 minutes to realize that we were headed back to Parkersburg to the ER.
 After waiting 3 hours in the waiting room, the physician said she was fine.
I insisted that there were something wrong with her ears.

Maybe her ears looked a little red. 
He pacified me and gave us a script for amoxicillin.
We got home a little after 3 a.m.
By noon the next day we were headed back to a different hospital.

Kensley was still incoherent; talking out of her head.
She was barely able to stay awake - NOT LIKE HER.
She was not thrilled to be at another hospital and chose to hide under the blankets.
 We asked for prayer - specifically her fear to be bound. Our prayers were answered.  She did AMAZING.  They had a difficult time drawing blood, getting an IV started.  She was a trooper.
I cried.  Just as much as she did.  There's something about seeing a phlebotomist dig in your child's hand searching for blood that just breaks my heart.
She even held still for her CT scan - they told us that they would just have to let her cry it out until she fell asleep. Rob was able to calm her by telling her an "Orange Kitty" story and we were out of their in just a few minutes.
Although a popsicle sounded fun; she didn't want to eat it.
Didn't surprise us - she hadn't ate for 5 days. 
 She thought her magical red flashlight - oxygen sensor - was SO cool!
After receivingfluids and antibiotics, it came time to be discharged. 
She said she didn't want to leave. 
She wanted to stay at the hospital, so Daddy would play with her all day.

Overall, she was diagnosed with HMPV, {kind of like RSV}
a virus on top of another virus, severe dehydration, and bilateral ear infections. 

We meet with her audiologist again this Thursday.

I am currently drafting a letter to the first hospital.
They did not even evaluate her, minus looking at her ears.
Totally dismissed that she was lifeless and talking inappropriate.
Nope, I'm not a newbie at this - I know how to get my voice heard.

In 24 hours, we spent 6 hours traveling to/from hospitals, we spent 11 hours at the hospitals.

This, for sure, will be a weekend to remember!


Christy K. said...

Jaeli has been studying these pictures of "sick Kensley". Saying, "poor Kensley" at each one. We hope that she is on the mend soon. Send her our love and tell her that Jaeli says to get better so she can see some pictures of her pretty smile! (Jaeli is addicted to your blog, also)

Christy K. said...
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