{ Why We Went Private }

By now, you have figured out that I went "private" with the blog.
You are lucky to be one of the select few to get a virtual look into our daily lives.

Some of you have asked if it was because of stranger's rude remarks.
Sadly, the answer is, "No".
It wouldn't hurt as bad if I didn't know them/weren't related to them.

I am tired of my family being the talk of other people's gossip circles.
The butt of their jokes.
The source of their judgment and laughter.

We don't consume alcohol, we dress modestly, we don't gamble,
we choose to delay vaccinations, Kensley's schooling is a bit unconventional,
we don't play Santa, we teach our children the Biblical truth, 
... we have morals and we're sticking to them.

Rob and I are raising our kids the best we know how and are proud of how they are turning out.

We are not teaching them what to think, rather how to think.

  "Bless those who persecute you. Keep on blessing them, and never curse them."
Romans 12:14


Donna R. said...

Thank you for allowing me to be blessed by your blog. I truly understand your decision to go private. I too have been told that we tell our daughter what to think, when we actually just tell her to think. God's design was for parents to be the main influence on their children's lives and minds. Children naturally initially believe and think a lot like their parents. As they get older, hopefully they retain most of that (the important stuff anyway!). But they will think for themselves, make decisions for themselves and live their lives. Our job as parents is to give them the tools they need to do that. Raising kids to be grounded in God and His Word, is the best thing we can do on that journey. Rick and I are proud of you and Rob and the job you guys are doing with Kensley and Nolan. And we're proud to call you friends and more importantly, members of the family of God and MFC - Ripley!! Love you guys!!

Kanko's Wife said...

Ditto to Donna's comment. You are honest, open and truthful with how you are as a person, mom and wife. Don't ever change that. I love it! And, as my 15 year old daughter would say, "Haters gonna hate"... Jealousy and a lacking in happiness is what makes others be that way. Thank you for including me in your lives, CaS.