Stop! You're Doing It Wrong!

Tis' the season... for Christmas crafts that is.
I enjoy finding super cute, easy, and cheap ideas on Pinterest
and then try to make them with Kensley
while Nolan naps or occupies himself with Play Doh.
{One the top 10 best inventions in my book}

I got large popsicle sticks and painted some white.
I encouraged Kensley to draw smiley faces on them;
her current best talent that includes a pen.
I cut out miniature black felt hats and tied ribbon around their necks for scarves.
Next, I told Kensley to pick out 3 or 4 Christmas colored buttons.
When I looked down I saw big gaudy buttons instead of my cute little hats.
Pink buttons? Seriously?  Pink buttons?
I said Christmas colors!   What part of red and green didn't she understand?

Before I could think about what I should say,
Stop!  You're Doing It Wrong
regretfully slipped out of my mouth!

Kensley was quick to correct me.
"No I'm not. I'm an artist and she's pretty just like you, Mama."
And there you have it. 
With a few mini compromises, Kensley won and got her all pink snowlady,
because it was more of 'her style' anyways.

I learned a valuable lesson; beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Kensley asked to take a picture and I let her.
I mean, I let the crazy carney guy hold my camera at the 4th of July,
how much worse could it really be handing it over to a 3 year old?
This is what she captured.  Her view of the bag full of my great-grandma's old button collection.

With her eyes level with the countertop, this is what she sees.

Not dirty dishes in the sink, not clutter on the countertops,
but rather a bag full of buttons with pretty pink ones just waiting to be used!

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Donna R. said...

Kensley gets her talent from you and she (correctly) sees you as her very pretty mother. Your "Stop! You're doing it wrong" comment is a common one. I've done pretty much the same thing with Stephie (telling her she's doing something the wrong way) and then she blows me away with a "but Mommy" explanation that makes me get teary eyed and gives me yet another reason to rejoice over being her mother. Your kids are very blessed to have a mom that interacts with them like you do!