Colorable Gift Tags

I come from a blessed family that is SO large we celebrate the holidays for weeks.
Christmas is no exception; the first of many celebrations kick off this Saturday!

As I'm busy trying to finish up my wrapping,
{all of my bows and curly ribbon have mysteriously disappeared
and I'm too cheap to pay full price then I know I can get them 1/2 off}
I was looking for a little something to spruce up our packages.

That's when I stumbled upon this idea... colorable gift tags!


It gives our gifts a little extra personal bling and also kept my 'helpers' at bay.

Due to crashing computer/new computer, I have lost the link where I found these at.
 I saved them to a Word Document prior to the disaster... just can't give the creator proper credit.

Email me at WarmWinterWishes@yahoo.com
if you would like me to send you a word document including the tags!

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