I’d like to brag on Kensley, but knowing that I’ll jinx myself I won’t.

Rather, I’ll tell you what I’ve NOT been doing.

I have NOT washed unnecessary loads of laundry.
I have NOT put a pull up on her at night.
I have NOT steam mopped the floor.
I have NOT shampooed the carpet.
I have NOT changed the sheets.

It’s been two weeks and Kensley has had ZERO… oh wait… I wasn’t going to brag.

Well, you get the idea; she’s nothing less than incredible!
3.5 years later, she still leaves me speechless!


Dana Kangas said...

This is my favorite picture of Kensley. Ever.

Lateshia said...

I love her style! :)

Kanko's Wife said...

Perfect! I like all the layers she wears! Especially since my little girl won't wear even ONE layer :(