"Miss Alli Said I'm Beautiful"

I recently got my hair cut and colored.
It's safe to say it's been at least 7+ years since I've had highlights.

How do I know?
Easy. I've only had them once before.
When I returned home, Rob's initial reaction was,
"Wow!  Mama doesn't even look like Mama."

Kensley's reaction was a little different.
She told me I looked just like her troll.
It wasn't quite the look I was going for, but oh well.
I'll take it as a compliment from a 3-year old.

Kensley had never had a real haircut before.
Sure, I'd attempted to trim up the back to lessen the mullet,
but it needed professional help on all levels.

I made an appointment, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.
Perfection.  Absolute perfection.

I stopped by Rob's work and got his iPhone just in case. 
She was oblivious to all the new stuff surrounding her.
She was focused 100% on working puzzles. 
 I. Love. This. Picture.

Not only because I'm actually in a photograph for a change, but because it
truly captures Kensley's reaction when Miss Alli told her she was beautiful!
 My Dad {who was babysitting Nolan} met up with us at Dairy Queen afterwards.
I love the way she looks at her Papaw.
Melts. My. Herat. Every. Time.
She ordered ice cream in a cup, but then insisted on eating his cone; go figure! 
 * Winking * at Papaw; we're still working on keeping one eye open!
No ice cream for Nolan.  Thankfully he was content with eating mandarin oranges...
 ... and making Papaw laugh!

Later we picked out pumpkins, bought snacks at the store,
made a new recipe and played outside.

Before bed, Rob asked Kensley what her favorite part about her day was, and she said,
"When Miss Alli Said I'm Beautiful!"
{It's amazing how far a few encouraging words can go.}

Oh yah, one more thing.  I took a 'family portrait' of Kensley and I.
Seems rather fitting, doesn't it?

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Lateshia said...

Hee hee...love the family portrait! And love the way little children see the world! :)